Hegel Society of Great Britain (HSGB)

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The Hegel Society of Great Britain (HSGB)

The HSGB is a forum for those interested in the work of the German philosopher G.W.F.Hegel (1770-1831), his predecessors and contemporaries, his followers and his critics.

The HSGB was founded in 1979, and now has over 300 members. It publishes a journal, the Hegel Bulletin (formerly The Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain), which appears twice yearly (May and October), and since 2013 has been published by Cambridge University Press. The HSGB also holds an annual conference. It actively co-operates with other Hegel societies, particularly those in Germany and the USA. We encourage you to join us & subscribe to the Bulletin.


  • The 2015 conference will be on ’Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind’, 3-4 September St Edmund Hall, Oxford: see details and registration information here
  • New conference organisation fund launched, to help support conferences related to Hegel and Hegelian themes: see details here
  • New travel fund launched, to help PhD students and early career researchers present papers at conferences: see details here
  • The Bulletin has a call for special issues on moral philosophy; pragmatism; and phenomenology
  • Two new Hegel reading groups in the UK, on The Philosophy of Right and The Science of Logic
  • The Hegel Bulletin is now published by Cambridge University Press
  • The HSGB now has a facebook page and a twitter account
  • For information on previous conferences, see here