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HSGB Bulletin: #41/42 (2000)

Hegel Today


The Science Of Freedom: Hegel's Critical Theory, W Maker, pp. 1-17.

Hegel, Marxism And Mysticism, I Fraser, pp. 18-30.

The Particular Logic Of Modernity, David Kolb, pp. 31-42.

Is Hegel's Phenomenology Relevant To Contemporary Epistemology?, Kenneth R Westphal, pp. 43-85.

From The Separateness Of Space To The Ideality Of Sensation. Thoughts On The Possibilities Of Actualizing Hegel's Philosophy Of Nature, D Wandschneider, pp. 86-103.

Art As Made Sensuous: Hegel, Danto And The 'end Of Art", J Gaiger, pp. 104-119.

Antigone: Towards A Hegelian Feminist Philosophy, K Hutchings, pp. 120-131.

Deconstructive And/Or 'Plastic' Readings Of Hegel, C Malabou, pp. 132-141.

Hegel And Onto-Theology, M Westphal, pp. 142-165.


No reviews in volume #41/42.

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