HSGB Conference  Organisation Fund

The Hegel Society of Great Britain is pleased to announce a scheme to support the organisation of conferences in the UK relating wholly or partly to Hegel and / or Hegelianism.

Conference organisers may apply for the following to support a single conference:

— a travel bursary of max. £100 per speaker (for no more than 8 speakers)

— a grant of max. £200 to cover other costs, such as publicity and meals

Applications should include the following:

— a brief statement (c. 300 words) of the topic of the conference

— the venue and dates of the conference

— a conference programme (including all speakers, confirmed or invited)

— an initial estimate of the cost of the conference (including the travel costs of individual speakers, and other costs to be covered by the grant of £200)

— information about other funding secured and/or efforts to secure other funding.

— evidence of institutional support, if any.

Applications may be submitted twice a year by the following deadlines: 1st April and 1st October, and should be for conferences that will be held within the 12 months following the respective deadline. Retrospective applications will not be considered. Note that normally no-one may be awarded more than one grant within a 12 month period.

Applications will be considered by a committee comprising members of the HSGB. If an application is approved, the organisers of the conference should submit an exact statement of speakers’ travel costs and of other costs (including receipts), and the money will then be transferred to the organisers. This statement may be submitted before or after the conference itself.

Applications should be submitted to Professor Stephen Houlgate (e mail:

Subsequent statements of costs (plus receipts) and requests for payment should be submitted to Dr Joe Saunders (; University of Durham, Department of Philosophy, 51 Old Elvet, Durham, DH1 3HN)