September 1, 2010 to September 3, 2010
At St. Edmund’s Hall, Oxford (conference held jointly with the UK Kant Society)

Conference Programme

Wednesday, 1 September

12.30-13.00 Conference registration

13.00-14.15 Pauline Kleingeld (Leiden): Kant and Cosmopolitanism

14.30-15.45 Parallel session:
Alexander Rueger (Alberta): Systematicity and Symbolization in the Deduction of the Judgment of Taste
Ulrich Schloesser (Toronto): Action, Language, and Confession in the Phenomenology of Spirit

16.15-17.30 Parallel session:
Ralf Bader (St Andrews): Pragmatic Imperatives and the Value of Happiness
Julia Peters (ECLA): Hegel on Natural Beauty
Liesbet Vanhaute (Antwerp): How Biological is Human History? Kant’s Use of Biological Concepts and its Implications for History as Moral Anthropology
Reed Winegar (Pennsylvania): An Unfamiliar Positive Law: On Kant, Schiller, and Hegel

18.00-19.15 Robert Stern (Sheffield): Unholy Wills? Kant and Hegel on the Struggle to be Good

Thursday, 2 September

09.00-10.15 Karin de Boer (Groningen): Transformations of Transcendental Philosophy: Wolff, Kant, and Hegel

10.45-12.00 Parallel session:
John J. Callanan (KCL): Normativity and the Acquisition of Categories
Ralph Palm (KUL): Problems of Contradiction and Sublation in Hegel’s Science of Logic

12.15-13.30 Sebastian Gardner (UCL): Kant’s Practical Postulates and the Development of German Idealism

14.15-15.30 Fabian Freyenhagen (Essex): The Empty Formalism Revisited

15.45-17.00 Parallel session:
Susan Songsuk Hahn (Concordia): Logical Considerations Applied to Ethics: Hegel’s Empty Formalism
Reidar Maliks (Oxford): Revolution and Human Rights

17.30-18.45 Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame): Kant, Human Nature, and History after Rousseau

Friday, 3 September

09.30-10.45 Katrin Flikschuh (LSE): What is Innate Right?

11.15-12.30 Parallel session:
Michaela Bordignon (Padova): Infinite Judgement and Absolute Knowing
Timothy Quandt (Claremont): Kant’s Determining Self
J. L. Shaheen (Michigan): Hegel, Humility, and the Possibility of Intrinsic Properties
Milla Emilia Vaha (EUI): The Idea of the Moral State in Kant

13.30-14.45 Parallel session:
Dietmar Heidemann (Luxemburg): Hegel on the Relation between Scepticism and Dialectic
Kenneth R Westphal (Kent): Kant’s Cognitive Semantics, Newton’s Rule Four of Philosophy, and Scientific Realism

15.00-16.15 Howard Williams (Aberystwyth): A Kantian Critique of Contemporary Hegelian Just War Theory